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Advertising Jargon Utilized for On-Line and Newspaper Horse Ads
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Advertising Jargon Utilized for On-Line and Newspaper Horse Ads

People often turn to classified advertising either online or in a local newspaper to sell a horse. Since classified advertising can be expensive, owners often utilize abbreviated horse jargon to save money. Breeders and horse trainers are familiar with the jargon; however, the horse novice may require some explanation. Frequently, abbreviated phrases are selected to refer to the temperament of a horse. Some abbreviations denote the health of the horse. While, still others signify a specific breed or color.

  • BACKYARD: Instead of a barn or stable, the horse lives in the backyard of the owner.
  • BLK: The horse has a black coat.
  • BOLD: A horse meeting this description may be slightly spirited but is not nervous.
  • BOMB-PROOF: The horse does not spook.
  • BR: The horse has a brown coat or can also refer to a horse trained to barrel race.
  • CH: The horse has a chestnut coat.
  • EASY KEEPER: Horse does not have costly dietary needs to maintain weight.
  • EXP: Due to this horse’s temperament a rider with experience behind the reigns is required.
  • GNTL: Refers to a gentle horse that may be rode by a novice rider.
  • GREEN: A green horse has not been ridden.
  • HAND: The common measurement for a horse is called a hand and measures four inches.
  • HOT: Only an advanced physically fit rider should approach this high spirited horse to ride.
  • IN UTERO: This term refers to an unborn foal.
  • JMP: The horse has been trained to jump.
  • LOADS: The term describes a horse that is easily loaded into a horse trailer.
  • NR: The letters NR refers to a horse that has never been registered.
  • POA: The term refers to Pony of the Americas.
  • OTT: This horse is an off the track thoroughbred and has been raced.
  • QH: Quarter horse is abbreviated to QH.
  • RESC: This is a rescue horse.
  • RIDES: Horse is trained to ride with a saddle.
  • RIDES GRT: The horse has received extensive training and rides great.
  • SCHL HRSE: This horse is gentle enough to train young child riders. The horse may have been utilized previously for lessons. 
  • STUD: The horse is a stallion.
  • SOUND: A sound horse is in good health and has not lameness concerns.
  • TIES: The horse will stand still while being tied to a fence or post.
  • TR: The horse is great for trail rides.
  • UTD: This abbreviation means all vaccinations are up to date.
  • V.M.D.: This is the common abbreviation for Veterinary Medical Doctor.
  • WHT: The horse has a white coat.
  • WTC: While this abbreviation stands for walk, trot, cantor, it does not mean that the horse is thoroughly trained.


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  1. Archippus
    A special thanks to my friend T.S. for allowing me to photograph her horses.
  2. pftsusan
    Thank you for sharing. This is stuff that one will need to know when looking for a horse. Voted.
    1. Archippus
      In Reply to PFT Susan:A friend of mine posted a pic of fb of riding horses on the beach. It made me think of you!
  3. immasweetiepie
    As usual fantastic article Miss Coach! I love you, friend! <3
    1. Archippus
      In Reply to Immasweetiepie: Thanks for the vote! It is appreciated!

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