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Adoption Can Go a Long Way
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Adoption Can Go a Long Way

Adopting horses and burros is becoming more and more popular, so it might be the right time for you to look into adopting an animal or two for yourself. Just recently, a horse and burro adoption drive was held in Verona, Mississippi at the Lee County Agricenter with great results. Adoption can prove to be beneficial for both owner and pet; there are many different advantages to owning these sorts of animals, so why not start looking into a horse or burro for your home.

At the latest adoption drive, animals were available for just $125 each. To make the offer even more appealing, potential adopters could have a pair for $150! The horses themselves arrived in the region from all around the western states; the Bureau of Land Management is responsible for helping these wild horses and burros to find new homes. The BLM decided to bring some of these animals to the Southeast where they have more fresh grass to eat and a better chance of survival overall.

A specialist from the BLM, Marty Neugebauer, has been overseeing the latest adoption drive. Neugebauer is in charge of a region that spreads across 11 different states and keeps its animals at a center in Illinois. These adoption events are held on a monthly basis and tend to be quite successful, with a few dozen animals being adopted on average each month; the horses and burros are adopted by a wide variety of people from farmers to riders.

Many of the horses he deals with are actually classed as Mustangs, despite the original Mustang breed having died out many years ago. Neugebauer claims that most people who take part in the adoption events aren’t particularly interested in one specific kind of animal, but mares and geldings tend to be the most popular choices. With these horses being capable of filling a wide variety of working roles, the audience for horse and burro adoption is relatively vast. The only problem is that too few people are aware of these adoption drives.

In order to combat this issue and raise awareness, the BLM allows internet users to adopt horses from the comfort of their own homes. This is arranged via the BLM’s Washington office, with the official site of the bureau listing a host of horses available for adoption at any one time. If you decide to adopt an animal online, you can simply go and collect it at the next event near you. A recent adoption was completed by Meagan Willis, who spent $400 on a horse for dressage and jumping events. Willis previously spent $13,000 on a horse from a breeder and is therefore very impressed with the value she has managed to enjoy by adopting with the BLM. If you’re on the lookout for a horse or burro, these adoption drives are one of the best options available.

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  1. 63blonde
    BLM are a bunch of disgusting and unemotional jerks. Letting our mustangs go to slaughter! They outright send herds to the kill buyers. Just this week 8 mustangs ended up in a kill pen, as of now I know of 4 of the 8 were saved. They are in the pockets of the ranchers to clear the land of our wild horses to make room for livestock. The horses kept at holding facilities have no shelter and many are dying in these overcrowded dry lots. If some can be adopted into truly forever homes they are the few that are truly lucky

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