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Accidental over feeding
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Accidental over feeding

Well we had a scary past 24 hours. 

There was a stall door that wasn't locked and the ponies were able to enter the stall and then the main barn. Much like mice when the parents are away the ponies will play. 

They checked out all the buckets, the saddles, the hay and then of course the feed bins. 

We have 3 horses on the property and all three horses eat a different feed and supplements. Well the two that got into the barn decided to break into the storage bin that had the sweet feed in it. Then proceeded to eat it ALL! 

So needless to say we were very concerned about COLIC. The person that took care of everything that night was extremely appologetic and felt horrible. But Mistakes happen and ponies will be ponies. 

I am happy to report that the horses are both fine and we haven't had any complications as of yet. 

We have cleaned up the barn, as it looked like it had a tornado come thru it. We have now implemented a double lock on each stall and entrance to the barn, from a pony stand point. :) 

I am really happy that this didn't go as bad as it could have. our Equine partners can be so very sensitive. 


But it raises the question, What do you use to store your feed? 


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  1. love4equine
    We have have feed barrels with locking lids, remind me to show them to you. I keep my barrels in the utilites room so the feed doesn't "freeze" in the winter or "cook" in the summer but when I kept it outside I always locked the lid and put a heavy rock on top.
    1. Ariana

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