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A horse is a horse, of course, of course!
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A horse is a horse, of course, of course!

This picture says it all; doesn't it?

Ariana isn't looking at me at all, and has a look of just boredom and contempt on her face. I have a look on my face like "Really". This is the way I felt most of the time. I would ask her to do something and she would do it very haphazardly. Never really refusing but never REALLY engaging in the activity. I just took this as her personality and for the fact that she was young. So we would move on to the next step/task that I thought we needed or was told was "next". I thought one day she would engage and all would be well. OR the ever brilliant thought "she will be better under saddle". LOL

Well under saddle things that were lacking on the ground are glaring at me now!

It has taken rearing, stubbornness and fear to make me realize that the problem was not and is not my horse. My horse is just that, A HORSE. I can't rationalize or push her through something just because I don't like the behavior. She is trying to tell me she doesn't understand and that I didn't prepare her properly.

So back to basics we go! Tonight I did the basics we have done before with a twist. Trying to get her to engage! Success! Lounging for the sake of lounging accomplishes nothing. Will she go in a circle around me: Sure; does she want to: NOPE

But turn it into an obstacle course and make her think and now we have a game and a chance to communicate!

Tonight was a breakthrough! She was the most relaxed, engaged and affectionate horse I have seen her in almost a year! I have gone from tears and fears to hope and love again! All because I took a step back and looked deeper. She is a Horse, Not a car! Lol

Updates and breakthroughs are still to come!

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I am just a girl who loves horses! Pretty much everything there is about horses from the hooves up. I come from a line of female trainers and horse lovers. I purchased my first horse when I was 15 and haven't looked back. :) I am married to a non-horsey husband who loves me even though he says I am a prime example of "My Little Pony" gone wrong. I am just going to share my feelings and experiences with you and hope that we can learn and grow in our passion for horses together.

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  1. love4equine
    So proud of both of you!!! :)
    1. Ariana
      :) thanks!
  2. HorseDiva
    Good job! I'm glad you figured it out! Voted! Come read my new post if you want, and vote if you like it: Shadowfax the Great. Thanks!
  3. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Isn't it awesome what we learn from our horses? Sometimes it takes a bit for us to click with them, but when we do... look out world! :D Awesome job! Keep at it & you'll be able to achieve anything!
  4. Rubia2012
    so glad i read your post, i am a new horse owner and a beginner. my husband bought me a horse for our anniversary in 2011. (never asked him to do that) fastward. i am where u were with your horse, with the tears and fears and frustration with my horse. she is a five year old mare. still learning all about her and trying to 'bond' with her. i know i am the one who needs the teaching, not her. so when i can, i call someone who knows alot about horses. so i practice practice practice. sometimes i think my horse doesnt like me and i know MY mood can make or break our day. i am really trying to make the effort and time to get as much info from books, on line videos and posts such as yours to get me through this journey. wish me luck, i'm gonna need it. i'll be looking for forward to your posts as well as others. thankyou. Rubia2012
  5. arabobsession
    totally hear you

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