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A Truly Amazing Journey
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A Truly Amazing Journey

A truly Amazing Journey... By Cristal Phillips

I guess with every meaningful Story we must start at the very beginning. As a child I grew up around Horses my very first horse was named Peanut, he was an amazing Sorrel 16 hand Tennessee Walker Gelding, My Mother bought for me when I was 12 years old. This horse was every little girls dream horse Sweet, kind, loving, Gentle and well tempered, the perfect horse to begin a life- long Love for horses with, I Could ride this horse bare back with nothing but a halter and two lead ropes.

Peanut belonged to an orphanage before I became his person and four children could easily ride him bareback and if a tumble happened Peanut would stop dead in his tracks and wait for the children to get back up dust themselves off and climb back aboard, trust me as a child I tested this theory and his ability to do so upon a regular basis he was the perfect horse to learn how to ride on for the first time.

 As our relationship blossomed he became my childhood best friend and my escape from a home life that was less than ideal we used to go riding for hours lose track of time and just get lost. Me and Peanut would conversate for hours without ever having to say a word. I talked to Peanut about everything the Stars, the moon, the planets, spirituality, the Universe, I promised him we would escape one day and create a life for just the two of us, in the meantime every inspirational thought, moment, dream creative idea  was always discussed with Peanut before anyone else.. Peanut also knew about the deep pain I was going through, the secrets I had been keeping for so long, he sensed it and he could read me like a book, and because of his ability to do so this horse became my Savior upon many occasions.

Peanut got very sick with Colic I spent many nights out in our pasture walking him non-stop to get him through it, the colic would go away but always come back.. I ended up going to live with my Grandparents to get away from what I was going through in the home, I left after Peanut had gotten better and I felt I could go without worrying about him upon a regular basis I had to get away it was a matter of Psychological and physical survival my little sister and little brothers promised to take very good care of him for me until I could come back and get him sadly.. That never happened, and I have always felt a deep sense of guilt because of the promise I made to Peanut had been broken.

My mother had to sale our home and our horses and move back to the city because of bad economic times and when this happened I never saw any of our horses again. It saddens me deeply to this day but there was a promise I made to Peanut a long time ago, and that promise was to reconnect with horses at some Point later in my life.  Recently a matter of events is leading me back down this road to achieving a dream and a Promise I made to a Special horse 24 years ago. I never knew what happened to Peanut after he was sent away, I can only assume the colic eventually took his life, I know it did but his spirit is still with me and guides me upon a regular basis, now my life work is heading down a path towards helping people and horses that have suffered some form of abuse, but this is a story that must still wait, there is so much more that has happened in 24 years since then a story that still amazes me every time I try to tell it, it just gets better and better but you will have to stay tuned for the next Chapter



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