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A Horse Show to Put on Your Bucket List
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A Horse Show to Put on Your Bucket List

Horses are among man’s favorite animals and pets, thanks to their functional versatility and the bonds they form with their human owners. Horse shows have been held around the globe for years, and are one of the most favorite things that horse lovers take in on a regular basis. But if you thought that a horse show couldn't get more interesting than it already is, you were wrong. The miniature horse show being held at the Fort Worth Stock Show this year are just too adorable to pass up on, and making it one horse show that should definitely be on your bucket list.

Miniature Horses Shown by Miniature Owners

You’re probably used to seeing adults showing their full-grown horses at such events, but seeing the smaller versions of those horses being shown by children as young as two years old is a lovable site. The mini horses can be shown in multiple classes, just like the full-size counterparts, including hunter, showmanship, obstacle, and jumper, among others.

Strict Rules Apply

Just because these are miniature horses being shown as opposed to full-sized ones doesn’t mean that the competition is without its registration procedures. As per the rules of the American Miniature Horse Association, the horses have to be 34 inches tall or less in order to be registered for the competition.

Similarly, the miniature horses have to be well proportioned just like the standard horses. The competition is a serious event, despite being one of the cutest things you'll ever see, making it a part of the bucket lists of horse lovers around the globe.

But Why Miniature Horses?

The reason why people are showing more and more miniature horses, aside from just their adorable nature, is that they are much cheaper to keep and have friendlier personalities. Many of these horses learn more quickly than a normal horse would. Being small in size, they require less food as well. For instance, if a full-sized horse can finish a bale of hay in a week, the same bale can last two weeks, or even a month, in the case of a miniature horse.

Another huge factor is that miniature horses can be more like your typical pet than full sized horses can be. That means you can keep a miniature horse inside the house like you would a dog; a miniature horse will also do a lot more useful stuff, like pulling a cart, than a dog would. Miniature horses can be a safer choice than a full-sized horse to have around children, and the elderly are typically less intimidated by them. All of these factors combine to make miniature horses a great pet to consider, leading to their greater numbers in miniature horse shows.

Around 60 miniature horses were entered in the event this year and this number is expected to increase with time. So if you love horses, and think that miniature horses in particular are great animals, then there is no question that this annual horse show in Fort Worth should be added to your bucket list.

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