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A Salute to All the Helpers Behind the Scenes
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A Salute to All the Helpers Behind the Scenes

For so many of us horses are an essential part of our lives. We cannot imagine life without them, and we spend a substantial part of our time with them. Most of us however cannot take care of them entirely on our own.  We have help in the form of financial support, time commitment and physical labor others invest. Moms and dads make their child’s dreams come true by paying for riding lessons or even buying a horse, spending time hauling the kid around to horse stables and shows, or tending to the animal when the child cannot. But it isn’t just the kids that get help.

I for one would not be able to take care of my horses all on my own, if it wasn’t for a supportive partner. Being a professional woman with lots of hours at work and quite a bit of travel, I am happy that I can rely on my partner to feed and tend to my horses when I am not around. But more importantly, I have someone who supports my passion, and even though he doesn’t share that passion, he will do anything he can to help me enjoy mine. That includes building fences and repairing the damage horses inflict on barns, fences, pastures, trailers, equipment, and countless other things around our small farm. I need to remind myself often that this is not a given and to be grateful.

And I’d like to give a shout-out to our horse instructors as well. They chose a profession that for the most part does not come with huge financial rewards, yet over and over again they exhibit the greatest patience and skill handling horses and people. I would not be where I am with my horses if it wasn’t for a few wonderful instructors and trainers, and although I felt at the time that the money spent for their services was almost prohibitive for my own personal budget, it was nonetheless well deserved for what these women helped me and my horses to achieve.

So, to all the helpers behind the horse scene, a great thank you from us horsey people who couldn’t enjoy our sport without your help and dedication.

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  1. Of Horse Support
    Of Horse Support
    Cheers to all the helpers! This was much needed. Thanks for the shout out to those who deserve it. (:

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