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A Remarkable Recovery
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A Remarkable Recovery

A two-year old horse that was slowly sinking to a miserable drowning death after becoming entangled in barbed wire was miraculously saved by a gentle veterinarian named Vikki Fowler. The horse has gone on to make a remarkable recovery after previously facing almost certain death. This heartwarming story serves as a testament to the kindness of the people who enter the veterinarian profession and also the cruelty that still exists, even in well-developed countries like the United Kingdom.

The horse, who has since been named Hope by her new owner Vikki Fowler, is chestnut colored.  She had been abandoned by her owner in a dangerous and rubbish-strewn field in Edgworth, just outside Bolton. This story took place in the autumn of 2011. Hope had become painfully entangled in some barbed wire and was unable to escape her plight. Her energy had been drained and her body was scarred from the wire. The field was also full of broken glass and old building materials, certainly not a safe or happy place for a horse, or any animal, to live in.

A van driver who happened to be passing by spotted the horse from his window and got in touch with the local veterinarians. Fowler was sent out to help the dying mare and initially believed that Hope would surely have to be put out of her misery. The horse had fallen into a wet ditch and was unable to move; as the water level rose, Hope would surely have endured a stressful and agonizing death by drowning if not for Fowler’s intervention.

The horse evidently had only minutes left to live and was in a great deal of pain. Staff from the local equestrian center accompanied Fowler to the site of the incident and used wire cutters to free the horse, before lifting her out of the ditch with the use of a digger. Despite the fact that Hope was starving, covered in injuries and freezing cold, she somehow managed to survive the ordeal and Fowler took it upon herself to help the horse recover.

The horse’s owner remained free of any punishment at first and Fowler was forced to pay £1,500 to buy the horse from him in order to keep her safe. After a lengthy investigation on the part of the RSPCA, the owner was found guilty of over fifty charges of animal cruelty and punished with a fine of over eighty thousand pounds. He has also been banned from ever owning horses again after investigators discovered several more of his animals in terrible conditions.  

Fortunately for Hope, Fowler did all she could to help the horse recover. After several years of treatment, therapy and gradual rehabilitation, Hope is now a happy and healthy horse who can be found running in the fields and enjoying her life. This story goes to show that even in the worst situations, animals can be given wonderful lives by humans who care.

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