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A Post on Facebook Saves a Horse
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A Post on Facebook Saves a Horse

Spencer could have been a lion’s dinner, at least he was meant to become one and was about to be sent to “Out of Africa Wildlife Park” in Camp Verde, Arizona. However, the 20-year-old horse ended up instead in a place named “Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary” located at Cave Creek of the same state. How did that happen? Well, here is a story of how a post on Facebook saves a horse from becoming lions’ feed. Spencer was living with a family in Utah and the children in the family used to ride him; he was a family horse. Unfortunately, at one point of time, the family got scattered and the horse was left without a rider for three years in a row. His owner, in order to find Spencer a new home, boarded the horse in Sedona.

Shelley Woellmer, who is a friend of Spencer’s owner, also boarded his horse with the same objective. Together they explored the possibilities of finding their horses new homes for six months. All they wanted to achieve is to find some individuals who are ready to adopt these horses. Spencer has arthritis and he is under medication. So, they even went to equine therapy centers and different animal sanctuaries but their effort apparently did not produce a positive outcome immediately. At this stage the only viable option left for Spencer was to be donated to Out of Africa Wildlife Park. Finally, AZ Pound Pups, an animal rescue organization that works on non-profit basis did something for the horse that changed the course of his fate. They created a Facebook post for Spencer.

AZ Pound Pups’ Facebook post described Spencer as friendly as a dog who will follow his owner around and make his presence felt in a pleasant way. The post also mentions that the horse is always eager to be groomed. The description creates the impression of a family horse who misses his companions and likes to get attention from people. It is from this Facebook post the readers came to know about how live animals are fed to the big cats at the Out of Africa Wildlife Park. The post was shared 220 times and a lot of readers came to know that Spencer’s future is getting narrowed down to the option of being ended up in the Park as lions’ food. Horses that are healthy and are on medication, are however, not accepted by the Park. At the end they refused to take Spencer because of a video shared on Facebook where Spencer is seen performing with balance with a rider.

Kathleen Malone is a horse lover and she is a Phoenix resident; her initiative paired Spencer with Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary. It’s a pleasant surprise that Gath, the sanctuary owner, is the person who posted on Facebook about Spencer being possibly fed to the lions. Fortunately he had room for the arthritic horse and Spencer arrived there on October 4th; he is getting along with his neighbors Jazz and Wild Bill, two other horses sharing the same barn with him. Gath notices Spencer’s adapting to his new dwelling place so intensely that it feels like he has been at Tierra Madre forever.

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  1. jst4horses
    Oak Meadow Ranch is a sanctuary in California, full at present, but needing a lot of support as winter comes along. Horses there range from million dollar race horses found abandoned and starving after injuries, their tatoos intact, so the original abusive owners were easy to find, even though of course trainer and owner claimed the horses had been sold, and they had no idea how they came to be starving in a field or ditch somewhere. Others are performance horses who have been at the top of the circuits, but someone lost interest. Remember the old plow horse retired to the pasture? We need to realize part of the cost of a horse is retirement and care, save those winnings. A multi million dollar Kentucky Derby winner was found on the sushi menus in Japan and that started the Blue Pearl Project, Oak Meadows Ranch. Today many programs donate volunteers and money to help give FREE equine therapy programs to veterans, first responders, and high risk youth and foster kids in group homes. They too can always use a donation of time or money. I use three days without eating, or an injury the vet says time to go, or a horse that is just old and down and the vet says time to go. Veterinarians need to also volunteer some time to these sanctuaries for tax write offs.........every vet that volunteers in our programs and at the sanctuary programs has said, they love it, they are NOT just spending their time trying to paste an overworked, improperly cared for horse together, they are monitoring and healing horses that give love and care year around to those who most need it. Thank you for sharing this story, and every horse owner, please make forever plans for any horse you buy or breed. They give us their all, we give them a few years they amuse us.

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