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A Poem to My Horse, Cherry
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A Poem to My Horse, Cherry

I watched with fascination the day of your birth; my heart was giddy with excitement and mirth.

You were my first foaled filly; it was love from the start.

And your first wobbly steps brought unbridled joy to my heart.

I wanted to imprint you so you’d be easy to train and in turn you left your indelible mark on my brain.

I named you Cherry. 

You were a cynosure of delight and to watch you frolic was a magnificent sight.

Sometimes it seemed I would spend the whole day leaning on the fence just to watch you play.

When you laid down to rest after an exhausting run I’d stroke your head in my lap as we lay in the sun.

Seems like you were three years old in the blink of an eye.

It was so amazing how fast that time flew by.

I wanted to train you right so you would respond to my touch. 

Sometimes it went very smooth, sometimes not so much.

I remember our first show together and how I felt so proud when the PA system announcer called your name out loud.

You looked so stellar, I had scrubbed you till you gleamed.

 But anyone can tell you it was my face that beamed.

That day I was a nervous wreck so we did not win, but there were many more shows that we competed in.

They were all precious moments spent with my best friend and I  didn’t want that time to ever come to an end.

“A horse to ride the river with,” that’s what you were. 

And anyone that came in contact with you had to concur.

But as the years quickly passed your life turned a page and I gradually noticed you were showing your age.

When I finally retired you to become a lesson horse, I knew it had to happen even though I felt remorse.

You looked at me, shocked, as in  total surprise and it broke my heart to see sadness in your eyes.

I know the kids and the green riders caused you some pain, kicking your sides and pulling on your bit and on your mane.

But you were always sweet and calm and never went mental.

You took good care of them all; you were so sweet and gentle.

You were the kind of trained horse everyone admired and eventually you were put out to pasture and retired. 

You are a lawn ornament now, that’s how your days are spent, but you can graze and sleep now to your heart’s content.

Nowadays when you struggle to get through the barn door I don’t know which one of us hurts more. 

I see your eyes losing the spark that they once had and the arthritis in your body just makes me so sad.

That Rainbow Bridge is waiting, and I hope you comprehend, I will stay with you faithfully until the very end. 

They say good horses come and good horses go.

But the best horse ever—is my magnificent Cherry.

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  1. Veg4animal
    What an emotional message, good of you David O

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