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A Passion for Horses Turns into a Dream Job
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A Passion for Horses Turns into a Dream Job

Twenty-year-old, Bianca Brasher, always had a fondness for horses from the time she was small. It was only after a lot of struggling and determination that this young girl managed to turn her passion for horses into a dream job. How did she do it? Clearly, the idea laid its roots way back when Brasher first got onto the back of a horse and loved the riding experience.

Going Back to the Start

Spending her life as a surgery coordinator at St. Vincent’s East for the last two years, Brasher spent the time collecting and saving money. Her savings were meant to purchase a 55-acre farm that she wanted to lease which would be the base of BMB Horsemanship.

Having been close to horses from the tender age of six, Brasher spent the last five years learning to be a trainer. She took on the responsibility of a head trainer at two places and enhanced her knowledge of everything horse-related by visiting different clinics, near and far.

The hard work that has been a part of her journey is something that she was used to right from the start. Even when her mom bought her a truck at the age of 16, it was Brasher who worked and paid for the insurance, gas and so on.

It is this persevering attitude that ran through her veins since childhood that finally managed to turn this young girl’s passion for horses into a dream job. She found herself a 55-acre farm with an outdoor as well as indoor arena and 21 horse stalls for her to keep all the horses she wants.

The Cherry on the Top

The part that has Brasher most excited is that the facility is in Clay and the prevalence of a lighted indoor arena will enable her to have activities and riding sessions at any time of the day. A lot of Brasher’s students come from Clay and Trussville to meet her, but with this new facility, they will not have the hassle of traveling that far anymore.

This facility will be a blessing for Brasher, too. Before this, she had to keep her horses all the way in Odenville and drive about half an hour every day, just to take care of her horses. A lot of the people in that area have to face this situation as well, so Brasher is hoping that this facility will help them be closer to their horses, too.

Brasher’s Plans for the Future

Brasher hopes to train horses and riders to compete professionally. So far, her training, as well as riding career, has been very successful and she is hoping to keep moving higher from here. She feels that this is an opportunity for children who like horses to compete and show off their skills.

Brasher’s stables are open to riders of all ages. Not only does she offer lessons and skill training but is soon looking to offer boarding and horse training as well.  Always having a passion for horses, Brasher is all set to turn this facility into a first class stable. She is looking to open by the first of June so those interested may now find a horse boarding solution closer to home.

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