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A Muddy Horse Tale
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A Muddy Horse Tale

This is a true story. It was a very cold winter in Northern Mississippi. The year was 1985. We owned two horses. They were both registered quarter horses, named Bo and Twister. On a very cold Saturday morning, my husband and his friend from work decided to go for a ride. They bundled up against the below freezing temperatures and took off around 8 a.m.

We lived at the edge of a national forest and had plenty of places to ride. But this day my husband decided to ride all the way to a local lake. It was somewhere around 8 miles from where we lived. When they got to the lake, they came to the drained part; it was nothing but dry lakebed. However, before they had gone very far, the horse my husband was on – Bo, broke through the surface of the lake bed and sank to his neck in mud. My husband rolled off to the side where the ground was still solid. He was able to get the saddle off and pull it out of the mud. The other fellow on Twister had stopped in time, so as not to be stuck in the muck. Between the two of them, they tried to pull the horse out, to no avail. Bo struggled, but could not get free. They tried to get some branches under his legs to give him something solid, but that did nothing either. The only good part was that Bo did not seem to be sinking any deeper.

After an hour or more, my husband was about ready to give up. They were miles from anywhere, they were tired and cold, and he could see the horse had about given up hope of getting out too. He had stopped trying to struggle against the mud holding him captive. My husband decided to give it one last shot. He grabbed the reins, pulled, he looked into his horse's eyes, and told him, "If you don't get out, I will have to leave you here, so give it all you've got." Maybe the horse had his second wind, maybe he understood what he was told. Whichever was the case; he gave a huge effort and was able to get his front feet out and onto dry ground. With another heave he came out of the mud-bog altogether.

The two muddy equestrians and horses walked home slowly and arrived around 5 p.m. as the sun was setting.

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  1. shumes
    I'm glad this story turned out with a happy ending. Mud can be awfully dangerous. Voted up! Feel free to visit my posts as well.
  2. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Voted. So glad this adventure turned out good. I went riding down at our local creek one year & got stuck in a sand bog. We too got out, but I was terrified.

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