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The Perfect Horse Barn
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The Perfect Horse Barn

For those who are horse lovers, the barn is a place of great importance. The more you love your horses, the more you want them to be comfortable where they would live in. Hence the urge to build a perfect barn for your horses.

Just as you want your house to be a dream house because you love your family and yourself, so you would want a state of the art barn for your horses for your affections to these friendly animals. What are the things that will make a horse barn perfect? There could be hundreds of such things; you have to prioritize the item or equipment as per the needs of your horses and as far as your wallet allows you to spend. Here are five interesting ideas about building a perfect horse barn that you may find useful:

1. Airy Stalls: Build your horse barn with open-type individual stalls for each horse that would allow them to see and interact with each other. You may use stall dividers and stall fronts along with lower grids. Airy stalls have at least two benefits; they allow sufficient space for the horses and facilitate better air circulation.

2. Safe Stall Latches: Install stall latches that are designed with safety features. You may pick up latches that do not have any sharp edges; they have the look of a trigger of a gun. This type of latch has at least two benefits: it prevents houdini-type horses that are always dancing and jumping from escaping and absence of sharp edge keeps your horse away from any kind of injury.

3. Allow daylight in the barn: Build the roof of your horse barn in such a way that it lets in daylight. The roof has to be high enough so that it looks like an open center. You may be able to incorporate a sliding portion within the roof that can be opened and closed as per need. This arrangement will create healthy airflow for the horses residing in the barn; it will reduce your electricity usage significantly as well.

4. Ventilation Fans: Install ceiling fans on the top hanging from the roof of the barn; these fans will facilitate air ventilation within the premises. Air ventilation is important for health reasons; it prevents stagnant air condition and let the horses breath healthy. Moreover, air ventilation manages equine respiratory diseases such as “recurrent airway obstruction”.

5. Raised Thresholds: Construct the thresholds of your horse barn little higher than usual. The threshold should be raised high enough to contain stall bedding but low enough not to strip humans or horses. Having thresholds built this way will allow your horse barn to be kept cleaner than usual.

Besides these five aspects of a perfect horse barn, there are many more tips that you will find in horse related websites and magazines. The idea is to keep your horses safe and healthy; this is the only way you will have good looking horses. You have to watch your wallet too; unplanned spending may ruin all your efforts in building a perfect horse barn. I would suggest that you check the following link out, choose the amenities that seem most appropriate and then lay out a budget before you start your project: http://www.thehorse.com/photos/slideshows/31778/inside-dream-horse-barns/?_nospa=true

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