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A Little Slice of Paradise
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A Little Slice of Paradise

First I want to apologize for not posting lately. Life has been crazy for the last few months. As I wrote in my last blog, a friend and I started a group called R.O.P.E. (Redirecting Our Passion for Equine) and it grew really fast. The group has been busy trying to make a difference and I think we have been very successful. If you haven't read my last post or joined our group on Facebook yet, I invite you to check us out. On Facebook you must type the name exact (R.O.P.E.) to find us, there is no space between the letters and all letters must be capitalized. If you can't find us, comment on this post with your Facebook name and I will send you an invite to the group.

My husband and I also purchased a home about a month ago. So with buying a new house comes packing, moving, fence work, moving our equine friends, moving the dogs, trying to get everybody settled and attempting to get unpacked.

We moved from a house that was about 2400 sq. ft. to about 1200 sq. ft. Our land increased from a little more than 1 acre to almost 4.5 acres. While we are busy downsizing in the house the horses and donkey think they won the lottery. We initially fenced off a half acre section and kept everyone there for the first few weeks. Just a few days ago we fenced off an additional 1.5 acres for them to graze, run, and play. Since my horses and donkey are not used to having grass we are currently only allowing minimal grazing each day and slowly increasing their turnout time. I know this may sound a little silly but they all seem so much happier. Our old property had a lot of rocks and it was obvious that they hated walking on it. The new place doesn't have hardly any rocks and they all seem to run and play a lot more. They also seem to have a little bit of a mischievous sparkle in their eye as they take off running, bucking, and kicking everyday when I open the gate to their new grazing area.

The new place may not be a "mansion on the hill" but it is definitely "a little slice of paradise".

Be safe, have fun, and ride on... (Don't forget to vote if you enjoyed my blog.)



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  1. autumnap
    Voted! Happy New Home!! Off to check out your Facebook page ... x
  2. Rene Wright
    Rene Wright
    Voted. Congratulations on the new move and Group! :)
  3. Teshaw R

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