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A Home With a Difference
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A Home With a Difference

Faraon is a very sensitive and expressive horse. You know immediately if he is upset and he will always let you know if he needs something from you.

Because he is so sensitive sometimes he will become over stimulated when he goes out which leads to spooking and in wet weather falling over. 

It's a viscous circle because the more that he spooks and falls the more scared he becomes and less confident in his body's ability to protect him. This lack of trust in his own body is something that is being addressed through very specific exercises but we wanted to do more for him, to try and build up his confidence in the world and in himself.

So; we built him a stable with a balcony!

Now this might seem like we are spoiling him, or might seem like a crazy idea but this way he gets to see more of the outside world and even feel as if he is outside whilst having the safety of some structure around him.

At first he didn't dare cross the line onto the balcony, literally stopping at the line and only slightly popping his head out. It took him two days to finally come out and be comfortable on the balcony. Since he has accepted and started standing there and watching the world, you can see a change in him and he is starting to question in himself what he is capable of. Because he is so expressive you can see this mental process happening in front of your eyes as he looks around and takes in his surroundings. 

Because Faraon is so sensitive and so special it means that we constantly have to think of ideas to help him become more happy and confident in himself and to understand the world.

Every horse is different and what they need from us is unique.

Watching him being more engaged and happy in the world is such a wonderful experience and we hope as he builds his confidence that we can create a world for him where he can graze in comfort and feel safe and secure in his ability in himself, his body and his surroundings.


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