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A Heart Horse
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A Heart Horse

I think everyone’s definition of a heart horse is different. For me, it’s the horse that makes your heart whole. The animal that made you sing when you rode. The one that you could watch for hours. A heart horse is your best friend.

My horse Annie was my heart horse. The first time I saw her I was completely mesmerized. My mother must have thought I was crazy for instantly falling in love with her. When her owner entered her stall, she pinned her ears and kicked. You could tell she had a bad temper. But I was ten years old and didn’t know what fear was. I know now there was more I should have looked for when evaluating a horse. I had groomed her and ridden her bareback. I discovered she was the sassiest animal on the planet. She had such a difficult attitude to handle, but I loved it. When we left, I told my mom she was the one. We were not 100% ready to own a horse, but my loving mother found a way to make it work.

We took her to her new home on super bowl Sunday. It took about an hour and a half to get her in the trailer. She finally hopped in and we were on our way. This ride started our seven-year journey. In this time, we developed a bond so strong that it seemed like we were one being. We went on to compete and win over 60 events in our time. Everything was so easy with her. She made me feel special because she only liked me. This boosted my confidence over my teenage years. I also knew Annie would always be there for me so I never felt alone.

Unfortunately, in my sixth year of owning her, she fell on top of me and rolled over on me. I had fallen off her many times before in my learning, but nothing had ever had been traumatic. I eventually got over it. However, in my seventh year, she kicked out and fell on my leg again. I also brushed this off. Then, she fell two more times and that's when I got her checked out. The vet could not find a health issue, but advised I retire her for my own safety. I was extremely saddened by this, but I knew it was for her own good as well. I retired her to a friend’s pasture where she could eat and be loved on. I have since moved away and could not take her with me. I still miss her every day and would do anything to have her back.

The lesson of this story is to take care of and hold on to your heart horse. They are rare and special. I would love to hear more stories about a special furry friend, so share your story in the comments!

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