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A Fun Jumping Exercise
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A Fun Jumping Exercise

The course:






___5____  _______





___2____ _______



Over the summer I was taking lessons everyday in summer camp, and because I was riding so much, my instructor had to keep thinking of new excercises for me to do. She had me do jumping excercises, taught me basic dressage moves, and helped me work on my equitation on the flat and over fences. 

One day when we got to the ring she told me that she had a fun but challenging course to work on. She set up the jumps (as you can see above) and began explaining the excercise. 

Basically you have to set up two lines. In order to ride this course you will have to comfortable riding lines, rollbacks, and jumping on a circle. 

You jump into the line but then canter out into a rollback to jump number two.

Continue the circle back to the first jump in the line.

This time jump throught the line.

After the second jump in the line, ride a rollback to jump number five.

Continue your circle to the second jump of the line.

This is a great excercise for working with your horse on bending, lines, circles, and just a good way of teaching your horse to slow down and pay more attention to you. It is really easy to point your horse at a line and have them jump it flawlessly, but it is always a good idea to mix it up and make sure that your horse is still paying attention to you.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you!


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  1. Chestnut Mare
    Chestnut Mare
    Voted. A very unusual start to a blog with a diagram of jumps, love it! Very good tips here.
    1. Phantomomg
      Thanks so much! Im glad you liked it!
  2. Izzy Wilder
    Izzy Wilder
    Love this exercise, it really makes the horse and rider think ahead and plan. I'm definitely gonna work on this course more often!! ;)

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