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A Different Approach
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A Different Approach

Today I took a different approach by leaving the halter off of Cookie and making her move around. We didn't work long because the weather here is getting hot in a hurry. Here in the south even the upper 80's can be unbearably hot and can cause problems for horses and humans working in it. 

Lately, when I approach Cookie with either a halter or her fly mask, she decides it's time to run around a bit. So I obliged. I held the fly mask in one hand and my driving crop in the other and around we went. After about 15 minutes of trotting and sweating she decided it was so much easier to just stand still and let me put the fly mask on. 

When I don't work her every day, she begins to have an attitude with me. She'll pin her ears and turn away from me. After we've run off some of the energy and she sees I'm still in charge, her attitude softens, her ears go at least sideways if not forward and she'll come up to me. Working her is good for both of us and it doesn't take much to soften her and wear me out. lol

After I got her fly mask on her, we went around again in both directions. I asked her to back up, halt, and side pass in both directions. Then I repeated the steps again. Finally asking for a whoa and giving lots of praise for a job well done. 

We haven't quite learned to pivot on those hinds, but we are mastering the side pass. I'll take it. Any forward progress is good and I'll take what she gives me willingly. 

We still have things to work on, like getting out of my space, and standing when I approach with a halter, fly mask or rope. We're getting there. One day, one step at a time. If all else fails and she turns and runs away, I am fairly confident I can always call her back to me by whistling the good the bad and the ugly. lol 

Sometimes taking a different approach keeps things lively with your horse. Some become so bored with their training they just stand there stomping flies or become sour towards you. Don't be afraid to mix things up from time to time. Doing the same routine over and over again gets boring and you want your horse to be on their toes just as much as you should be no matter how broke they are. They are still 1000 lb of frightened flight even though they've seen a leaf move a million times. It's still out to get them. Sometimes right in the middle of them being all calm and relaxed, they'll get a wild hair and want to kick up their heels while you're aboard fighting to stay on because you became too relaxed and let your guard down. 

All in all it was a good session and tomorrow will be even better. Always have a good attitude when in training. Your horse will thank you for it. :) 


*Note* Re-checked manure, it's more green in color and 1/2 of it is formed, 1/2 is a tad soupy. Will continue the ProBios for another day or 2 and consider changing from Alfalfa cubes to Timothy/Alfalfa cubes. The fiber is good, but I'm thinking it's too hot and that may be causing the excess water in the manure. I cut out the milled flax and DE until her manure is back on track and then I'll start them again slowly adding it back into her diet. As for the vinegar in her water to cut down flies and mosquitos, it doesn't really seem to be working, so I'll cut that as well. She wasn't fond of vinegar water anyways. lol. I tape weighed her and she's between 1138 and 1150 lbs. I have also begun breaking up her meals into smaller meals several times a day and spread them by handfuls all over her paddock. I want to promote movement and bloodflow to her feet and keep her in shape plus this will help her digestive tract by having something in it more often. It also keeps her from eating the tree limbs and leaves which could be what is or was causing her to have loose stools. 

Thank you for checking out my blogs and taking the time to comment and vote. I appreciate all who stop by! :) 

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  1. autumnap
    Voted. Always good to hear of your progress! x
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Thank you :) x We are a work in progress to be sure!

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