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A Case of Horse Negligence
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A Case of Horse Negligence

A case of horse negligence is currently being investigated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec. There are three animals’ cases to investigate; two of them are horses and the third is a dog.

This all took place at Deschambault-Grondines. One of the horses and the dog were put down and the second horse was almost dead from starvation. This situation was denounced when citizens contacted the authorities – the local police, La Sûreté du Québec.

Marie Labrecque is the one who greeted the police when they arrived. She showed them to a horse lying on the ground, visibly exhausted due to lack of food.

They had no other choice but to put down that horse as well, and then took it away on a tractor.

This is definitely a terrible situation. After all, a horse was carried away on a tractor’s shovel because it was thrown away like an old rag!

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec then paid a visit to the animals’ owner, Patrick Turcotte, who lives just in front of where the last horse had been found.

They immediately spotted three more horses were obviously mistreated as well. One of them was already dead. They were the ones who put down the dog as well, right after seeing how he was mistreated as well.

When asked to speak up about what he did, Patrick Turcotte refused to comment.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec then took the remaining animals on Patrick Turcotte’s property to another location. Someone else had to take care of them. There was no way they would let him care for any more animals.

Louise Brancheau is the one who volunteered to do it. She says that it breaks her heart to see how these poor beasts were treated by their former owner. She has also intervened in another case of abuse, but unfortunately, she was no able to save any of them. This time, however, she can care for a few of them and is glad the intervention happened in time to save a few of them.

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  1. jst4horses
    I have done horse and animal rescue as a volunteer all my life. I feel we as humans need to return to this practice. I used to evaluate a situation, long before it got this bad. I spent the last few months reconditioning a horse that had some feed issues before it was brought into a sanctuary. I keep my program horses at another sanctuary where animal control brings in animals for reconditioning, often it becomes their forever home if they fit into the free equine therapy programs supported by donations. WE as humans need to be more aware, and more caring, if not of the humans, of the animals. A person can not get a horse put down, if they can not sell it, and can not afford it, there is no where for them to go and get help. We need to fill that void, as are the two sanctuaries mentioned above, and others across the world. Helping others, rather than waiting to punitively and hate filled going in with gossip is much better. There was one woman I helped, she had started with Alzheimer's disease and could not take care of her cats. Everyone loved to yak about her, but I went in, with kennels, and caught them all, took them to my vet, had all of them spayed or neutered, and told her we had to get the younger ones homes. I contacted a rescue (these were purebred cats) and got the ones she agreed to homes. I found her son and a close friend to make sure the cats were cared for. It turned out she also had horrible cancer, and they helped her with the cats. Some years later, when she died, only three cats were left, very old, and her son and friend were more than happy to care for them as memories of her. They had paid vet and feed bills often, and I came by and cleaned up the litter area I had made for the cats in the yard, they had cat doors to get in and out. There are many reasons a person lets an animal get in these conditions, and if it is just mean, we need to step in sooner, but to tell the truth, in fifty plus years of volunteer horse rescue I have only found one person who was just plain ignorant and mean.........and even HE changed his mind when I called the animal control to have a talk with him, and they threatened him with jail. Love changes so much more in life. All horsemen need to get together in their areas and form volunteer groups that HELP, not nitpik other owners and stables. One stable for disabled children's programs got into trouble, we helped with fundraising, did NOT sit around and wait for their horses to get starved and call the cops on them. WE all need to look into our own hearts and change this world, especially for animals, for the better. And, I work with kids, and disabled, and they are not far above the animals in being neglected and abused by our human society.

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