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A Blind Horse and a Donkey
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A Blind Horse and a Donkey

Animals can be very friendly, not only to humans but to other animals of a different species as well, creating and building unique friendships. People are often amazed by how these creatures can build genuine and lasting relationships. The following story is an example of such a relationship. And hey, have your tissues beside you, you might get teary-eyed.

Donkeys, considered as beasts of burden since they have been used as working animals for at least five millenniums already, are not usually known to become friends with or companions of horses, animals also domesticated by people. But Jenny and Glory have become inseparable as they consider themselves the best of friends.

Glory, an Arabian chestnut horse, was the offspring of Glorious, the champion of the US Halter show. Glory was born at Medford’s rescue house, Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue, but was put up for adoption a few months after. A woman bought and adopted her but unfortunately, Glory became blind. The rescue then took her back.

Jenny, a gray donkey, already living at the rescue facility found a friend in Glory. Somehow sensing that the mare had lost her sight, Jenny made herself available for Glory and began acting as her guide, or seeing eye. The two became good companions and are often seen grazing and romping together in the Medford farm.

According to Darlene Supnick, the owner of the rescue, the blind mare always follows the gray donkey, and when Glory somehow wanders off, they call to each other. She also added that the horse uses her sense of hearing and smell to know where the donkey is. Since Glory is already familiar with the pasture perimeter, she is able to avoid the fences.

Glory is currently suffering from glaucoma, a condition wherein there is an increased pressure within the eye that causes gradual loss of sight, and cataract, another eye condition wherein there is opacity of the lens of the eye resulting in visual impairment or blindness.

The rescue gives Glory eye drops for her glaucoma but the cost for cataract removal is beyond the rescue’s financial capability. That is why Supnick and her staff are raising money for Glory’s operation.

Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue is a nonprofit organization and is located on a 30-acre farm. Their main mission is to save or rescue horses, donkeys or equines from slaughter. They have already saved a lot of these animals, providing treatment to the injured and sick and finding caring owners and comfortable homes for them.

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