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8 Reasons to Unplug Around Your Horse
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8 Reasons to Unplug Around Your Horse

1)  It's safer: 

The first reason you should not be on your phone is that it is dangerous to be distracted around a half-ton animal. Even the most bombproof horse spooks at times. Accidents can be prevented by paying full attention to your horse’s body language. You will be able to react faster to your horse’s fear if you are not on your cell phone.

2) Prevent spooking:

Horses love to spook at cellphones. I have seen horses spook at loud ringers and from feeling text vibrations against the saddle. I have experienced this personally and strongly recommend that you put your device in a safe spot nearby.

3) It can wait:

Whatever text or call you are getting can wait until you are in a safe enough situation to answer. If you don’t text and drive, don’t text and ride.

4) Body language:

Your horse pays attention to your body language, and the odd body language you are emitting can confuse them. For example, some people pace back and forth when they are talking on the phone. A horse waiting on a cue from you might become nervous while watching your jittery movements.

5) Quality time:

You will have time to be on your phone when you are relaxing on the couch at home. You are at the barn and your purpose should be to spend time with your furry friend.

6) You aren't focusing on what's in front of you:

Let’s be real, horses are way more entertaining than a cell phone.

7) You'll appreciate the little things:

Your horse is beautiful. Your surroundings are beautiful. Everything that is in front of you is interesting and exhilarating. Are you really going to find something more interesting in a picture or a post?

8) Live in the moment:

So many individuals today are obsessed with technology and become stuck in a bubble of distraction. Experience your amazing connection with your animal “in the now”. Try to recognize how amazing it is that these giant muscular beasts let us sit upon their back.

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