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8 Halloween Costumes for Horses on a Budget
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8 Halloween Costumes for Horses on a Budget

October is quickly approaching and Halloween will be here before we know it. If you're in search of costumes that incorporate your horse, look no further.

1. “Kids Pony”

This is a satirical costume making fun of those who claim to be selling the perfect kids pony when they typically are selling a problem horse. For this costume you can use materials you likely already have lying around in a first aid kit. You can wrap a gauze around your wrist and put bandages on your face and walk with a limp. The next step is to make a poster that says, “AMAZING KIDS PONY 4 SALE” to hang around the horse’s neck.

2. Football Player and Football

This costume is great for a chestnut horse. If you have a football jersey or can borrow one from someone, this is possibly the cheapest costume on this list. Do your best to look like an athlete! After that, you can buy white paint that is safe to put on your horse to paint football laces on the side of your horse.

3. The Pumpkin King

This one requires some artistic effort and some pony paints. This costume works best on a light-colored horse. You can paint Jack O’ Lanterns all over the horse and you can wear an orange shirt to complete the look.

4. Reindeer

This is another easy DIY costume! Antler headbands are always sold when the holidays start. You can fasten a pair to the horse’s bridle and get a string of jingle bells to hang around their neck. To tie this costume together you should wear a red shirt and a Santa hat.

5. Wet Paint

This works best if you have a paint horse. If you have some pony paints, you can splatter them on your horse. You should wrap your horse in caution tape and hang a “CAUTION: WET PAINT” sign around your horse’s neck. If you want to look like a part of the costume you can wear baggy painter’s clothes with paint splattered on it.

6. Ballet Dancers

Tulle is cheap to buy and easy to make into a tutu. You can make one for yourself and one to hang around your horses back cinch.

7. Unicorn

This one is easy to make with some construction paper and paint. This costume is easy to ramp up as well. You can get creative with paint, hair dye, and hoof paint.  If you want to get into the fictional creature theme, you could also make some fairy wings for yourself.

8. Skeleton

Painting a skeleton on a dark colored horse is time-consuming, but it is cheap and a good lesson in anatomy. You will have to study all the bones in the horse. You can also get a bodysuit with bones on it to match.

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