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5 Ways to Make Money For A Horse
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5 Ways to Make Money For A Horse

So, you’re a horse lover but can't seem to get a horse even after begging your parents for hours on end? You're not the only one person in this position. I am horse crazy to the point of instead of sleeping during road trips, I keep my eyes peeled and look for horses around every bend. This article is to help you save up money to be financially able to own and take care of a horse on your own.

1.     A Hammer and a Piggy Bank

A simple piggy bank is a very commonly used method of saving up money, not just for horses. At least, it’s the method I always use. Whether you realize it or not, there is loose change all around you. Under your bed, in your drawers, in the couch cushions, and elsewhere. Collect all this change and put it in a jar or bucket. Keep it out in the open where everyone can see it and put a little sign on the jar that encourages everyone to drop some change in it. Now, I know that a lot of people have little brothers or sisters with sticky fingers or maybe older brothers or sisters without a job and a desperate for money. If this is the case, get a see-through piggy bank and tape the bottom or area where you open it so you'll know when it's been opened without your permission.

2.     Yardwork

Getting to work in your own yard or those of your neighbor's is a common and very traditional way to make extra money for saving. Go around your neighborhood or a neighborhood not too far from you and ask anyone if they need their lawn mowed for a certain amount of money or if it’s leaf season, ask if they need someone to get the leaves off their lawn. Don’t ask for over $30 for mowing a lawn unless it’s 5 acres or more. Be reasonable. The reason I say this is because almost everybody would rather do their own lawn rather than have a tween or teenager with a push mower asking $30 to mow half an acre, especially if you don’t have very much experience.

3.     Dogs, Dogs, and More Dogs

Walking dogs is a good way to make money too but only if you aren’t scared or allergic to dogs. You also have to have good upper body strength to walk dogs because most dogs will most likely not listen to you as they're not used to you; you have to have the strength to let them know that they can’t drag you half a mile for $5. Dog walking is a careful job; you have to watch every step they take. You can’t be walking this new dog around the block not paying attention and have him step out in the way of traffic.

4.     Sell All the Rejects!

Any piece of unwanted clothing, electronics, and other items are good things to sell and you'll be killing two birds with one stone. You get money and more space! There are a number of great websites that you can list unwanted things on for a certain amount of money. Some sites choose the price for you based on quality and other sites give you the freedom to pick your own price. I would first go to the sites that choose the price for you. If you like the price you get, you can list that item and hopefully, someone will buy it. If you don’t like the price on the screen or you just don’t like the particular site, you can easily go list your item instead on a site that you can pick your price.

5.     Use Your Talents

This method only appeals to people to have talents for making or painting objects. Many people like home-made items hanging on their walls or sitting on shelves around their home. You don’t have to be a rocket engineer to have raw, untamed talent. You can make and customize items and hold a local sale once you have enough items for sale. Once again, keep your prices reasonable.


Those are only a few methods of making money as a tween or teenager to get you toward owning your own horse. Feel free to come up with your own ways and unique methods to stash away cash. Best of luck friends!

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  1. BiologyBrain
    Voted! Great advice to work for your horse! Don't forget - write on this blog to earn Some extra $$!You can also set up a trade situation with someone with a horse without time to work with the horse. Good luck!
  2. Amoni cook
    This is amazing! Just what I need!

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