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5 Ways to Keep a Horse During College
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5 Ways to Keep a Horse During College

So, you are going away to college and you are heartbroken about selling your heart horse. Fear not! There are ways to keep your four-legged friend! You must be willing to work hard to keep what you want.

1. Save up!

I cannot stress this enough: if you are worried about having to sell your horse in the future, start planning now! Maybe you are in high school and you know you are going away in a year or two. Try making a few extra dollars by taking up a part-time job and putting the money away. That way you are not clawing from paycheck to paycheck to pay for your expensive passion. This also helps if you are paying for your own college or other expenses.

2. Try to Find a Job

It is wise to find a part-time job to help keep a continual source of income. It is possible you could find a job mucking out stalls or exercise riding horses. Your job will be even more enjoyable if you spend time around something you love doing. Some boarding barns offer jobs and/or deals where you can work off your board. Try to find what fits best for you and what can help you pays for your horse’s needs.

3. Have a Garage Sale or Sell Some of Your Stuff Online

If you are moving away to go to college, it is likely you will have a small space to live in. For example, you might be in a dorm or a small apartment. I guarantee you have more stuff than you need. When I moved, I had a trash pile, a moving pile, and a sale pile. If you don’t touch/use it every day and/or it doesn’t have heavy sentimental value, it's going to go in the trash pile or the sale pile. You would be surprised what people pay for! Clothes, jewelry, toys, furniture, and decorations are the best thing to sell. You can make them relatively cheap and you have made a quick buck from selling something you don’t want or need.

4. For the Love of Pete, Tell Them What You Want for Christmas!

If you have loved ones that always ask what you want for Christmas/birthdays/any other holiday, very politely tell them that you would enjoy cash as you can use it to pay for your horse. Try not to be demanding or say a dollar amount, but stress that any amount helps and you are grateful that they thought of you when thinking about who to get a gift for.

5. Make a Budget and Be 100% Sure You Can Pay for Your Animal

Budget out your expenses and try to cut costs that you don’t need to fit your passion in. Do you really need that Starbucks coffee? Do you really need another pair of shoes? Try to stick to the necessities and remember that you are responsible for your horse.

It’s difficult to keep up with something so expensive, but it is possible. Have a good day my friends and thank you for reading the words Straight From the Horses Mouth.

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