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5 Ways to Help Horses This Summer
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5 Ways to Help Horses This Summer

Since we are all horse-lovers here, I am sure we all try to do what we can for horses in need, not just the ones we own ourselves. Here are some ways you can make this summer count, by doing things for our equine friends who may be in vulnerable situations:

1) Every day: Look out for “invisible” horses who may need our help. Charities such as World Horse Welfare are shining a spotlight on those animals whose suffering may go unnoticed, the ones people cannot or choose not to see. If you notice a horse who seems vulnerable and uncared for, go to the WHW website and if necessary call the welfare line.

2) While on vacation:  Be a responsible tourist. Tourism means business, so if you see horses, ponies, donkeys or mules working in unacceptable conditions, take action. Refuse to take part in activities which involve practices that don’t meet acceptable welfare standards, and let any agency you booked with, as well as fellow travellers, know why you are boycotting these activities.  Exert pressure on tourist boards, tour operators, local authorities and even national governments to make welfare improvements.  You can also direct owners to local organisations who may be able to help them to help their horses (contact horse charities to help find local NGOs).  While many problems facing working horses are due to poverty, especially in developing countries, needless cruelty and bad practice must be addressed. Decision-makers will take notice if their reputation is at risk.

3) On a special occasion: Are you planning your big day, an anniversary or a summer party? Instead of  bringing presents or flowers, etc, you could ask your guests to give a few dollars as a donation to a horse welfare organisation. If you contact charities, they can provide you with celebration balloons and badges, etc, for a special occasion fundraiser.

4) In your spare time: Put the “fun” into fundraising! There are so many ways you, your friends and your family can raise money to help the world’s vulnerable horses. From ditching your favorite treat for the summer, to wearing jelly-filled boots for a day, it doesn’t matter whether you are 5 or 105, every penny you raise can help a horse in need.  

5 )All summer long: Spread the word!  Whether you are with family, friends or coworkers, you can spread the word about horses in need by sharing materials from the welfare charities, wearing badges etc, and talking about their work.  You can even do it from the comfort of your own home by watching and sharing promotional films and social media posts across your own social media networks. This is highly effective, since so many people are now constantly glued to smartphones and Facebook, Twitter, etc!  Search “horse charity” on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and others. 


Picture courtesy of www.worldhorsewelfare.org




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  1. Of Horse Support
    Of Horse Support
    A terrific list! Thanks for the post!
  2. Tenneyson
    Vote #8! Awesome article! I can tell that you really care about horses.

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