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5 Tips for Making Your Horse's Coat Shine
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5 Tips for Making Your Horse's Coat Shine

Everyone loves a shiny horse coat. Albeit blinding, a coat with shine beats a dull one any day. Horse owners take pride in showing off their horse grooming skills and well-maintained horse health with their horse’s coat, a symbol of beauty for horses.

Want to get your horse’s coat to be at its best? Read these 5 tips below.

Ensure Your Horse's Nutrition is Complete

It’s easy to miss out on some mineral and vitamin requirements in your horse’s diet. And when a horse is not getting all the essential nutrients in their diet, the result could be a dull coat.

You need to pay attention to seasonal changes in the soil content of your location to ensure the pasture grass has all the nutrients it requires. Another factor is the maturity when the hay is harvested and the length of time between cutting, drying and using it as horse feed. Consult an equine nutritionist if you’re unsure about your horse’s nutrition, suspect deficiency, or require a ration balancer to supplement your horse's diet.

Add Fatty Oils to Your Horse's Diet

Naturally, horse diets are low in fat so you may need to add supplementary high-fat products or oils to boost the fat content. Over many years, horse keepers/owners have discovered that doing this improves the luster in a horse’s coat.

Some oils that can be used include vegetable, soy or corn oil, as well black oil sunflower seeds, flax seeds or stabilized rice bran. Usually, two-quarter cups of oil/high fat product a day (about 45ml) is enough to enhance coat shine and quality.

Use Better Bathing Practices

Over-shampooing or using harsh soaps/detergents will cause your horse’s coat to appear dry and dull as it strips the natural oils that let it shine.

Invest in good equine shampoos that are formulated for the skin and finish with a conditioner for retaining moisture. Limit the number of times you wash even when using special body washes or shampoos. If you feel your horse looks dirty between washes, you can always just hose them down or spot clean and smooth the hair.

Hosing them down with only water could prove effective after exercise or intense physical activity that may lead to salt build-up on the skin from sweat.

Groom Often and Condition Your Horse's Coat

It may not be what you want to hear but the old-fashioned daily grooming is key for keeping your horse’s coat healthy. The more time you spend currying and grooming, the better the shine and appearance.

Even if you’re short on time, a grooming session of 30 minutes a day will bring noticeable results in a short period of time. All that elbow-grease is great exercise, too, because proper grooming requires a lot of arm strength.

Going in circular motions to rub will bring the hair up, smoothing it out and bringing dead skin to the surface. Use a rub rag for this and then polish after dusting for best results. A good conditioner for bathing is also a really important investment. Buy one that will add shine and moisturize the horse coat and avoid those with any silicone content.

Deworm Your Horse Periodically

Setting up your horse on a deworming program could be the answer to improving their dull coat's appearance. Poor coat quality is sometimes a result of internal parasites that can harm your horse's health in many ways. In addition to internal damage, there is the less healthy external appearance which is more evident.

Finally, if you’ve tried out the above tips without results consult with a vet to understand whether it’s a medical issue.

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