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5 Things the Equestrian Might Love if Horses Were Extinct
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5 Things the Equestrian Might Love if Horses Were Extinct


What do pole-vaulting, Siberian Huskies, and bowling shoes have in common?

                         Read on to discover:

 5 Things Equestrians Might Love If Horses Were Extinct


1. Dirt Bikes 

If it’s all about having power and speed between your legs (seriously people, I can hear you sniggering from here) giving you that feeling of freedom and excitement, then it stands to reason that if horses weren’t an option, dirt bikes would be a decent substitute.

 True, the bike isn’t going to make you laugh by nuzzling the top of your head, nor will it rush to the garage door with a happy-to-see-you whinny, but it is good at the speed and freedom part.

 Also, to be considered a “serious biker,” you do have to get all sorts of specific gear, and since the Equestrian is an absolute glutton for making expensive accessories completely necessary, you can see why the dirt bike made the list.


2. Huskies

Most horse people are also dog people.

But if horses weren’t ever created, my guess is that plenty of “would-have-been-equestrians” would own a Siberian Husky…or a whole pack.

They could fulfill the horse-persons urge to connect with an animal, to team up with a creature that has a free will and serious athleticism.

Do I need to mention the major satisfaction of winter-coat-shed-out? (in cat-sized clumps of course)  

The serious Musher, (and who wouldn’t want to be known as a “Serious Musher?”)  could tell you the high cost of keeping a team of these canines in form. Not to mention his special clothing, and the sleds.

Expensive to maintain and requiring superhuman dedication to train? Bingo-Bango.

That’s an irresistible combination to equestrians. Bring on the Balto.


 3. Pole Vaulting

This might be a stretch since I myself haven’t actually ever pole-vaulted anywhere. (unless you count that time I used a broomstick to go from my sister’s bed to mine as a child)

 However, in trying to think of things that- like horseback riding-  

are exciting, require a degree of athleticism, suffer the not-interested persons of the world behaving as if the enthusiasts are loony, AND also impart that all-important feeling of flying…well…pole vaulting just sort of naturally occurred to me.  Be honest…it totally fits, right?! There’s some running, some poles, an obstacle, and some jumping…sound familiar?

Of course, it does and that’s why I’m certain pole vaulting, would utterly surge in popularity if horses disappeared.


  4.  Shoes

Perhaps you’ve heard, (or said) “my horse is my therapy…”

Well, shoes are too. And I’m not referring to the actually therapeutic footwear for the collapsed arches of the world. No, I mean that happy feeling one gets when walking into a carefully cultivated stable, er, closet of shoes just waiting to be trotted out for various levels of events.

True, shoes can’t compete with the thrilling challenge of finding the right horse to train, compete with or relax on, but they do have similarities!

Ever had to find the exact right pair of shoes to go with that outfit you got for the upcoming event?

 Don’t we require legit sneakers to aid us in our athletic pursuits? (like…say, pole vaulting)

And really, what would bowling be without … “The Shoes???”

  Is there anything quite so wonderful as kicking off your work shoes and slipping into a pair of fluffy, oh-so-comfy slippers at the end of the day?

Well, that’s therapy in my book, so my guess is, if horses had thrown their lot in with the dinosaurs, there’d be many more closets full of fabulous shoes.


 5.  Cooking

So, not all equestrians make fabulous chefs, favoring the quick and easy route (a granola bar & some goldfish washed down with the kids’ juicy-juice) due to flagging energy levels after the barn. 

However, if horses were only etchings on cave walls, those equestrians who enjoy the spice of riding, the excitement of trying new things and the satisfaction of accomplishments others can appreciate, might very well make up a herd of highly talented gourmet-foodie-phenomenon's.

Maybe your only culinary adventure consists of that time you tried baking homemade horse treats with a recipe from Pinterest, (which were so awful even your dog looked at you with pity when your horse spit it out) but I’m thinking, for a bunch of people who are crazy about challenges, progress, escape, and that feeling of delicious anticipation… cooking makes a lot of sense!

 And there you have five things horse people might be passionate about in a world empty of equines.

(thank goodness, we don’t have to worry about that… The pole vaulting pits of America are safe)


What might make your list of things the equestrian might try in a world without horses?


*photo curtesy of Pixabay- no attribution required

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  1. Of Horse Support
    Of Horse Support
    Love this! Thanks for sharing, Sara. Can't wait to see what you will write next.
    1. sara shelley
      sara shelley
      Aw shucks, and many thanks! I've always got an idea (or 287) floating around up in the ole noggin! Hopefully my next contribution will be just as enjoyable!

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