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5 Spring Activities for You + Your Horse
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5 Spring Activities for You + Your Horse

Our horses are our best friends and part of our family. Personally, I like including them in every activity I possibly can. For example, I always include my horse in holidays. Many owners get their horse a Christmas present but don’t realize they probably wouldn’t mind an Easter basket filled with carrots and a new halter. I was surprised to see many people didn't include their horse this year.

Here are some ideas I thought about doing this year. Stay tuned if you like to spoil your horse as much as I do!

1. Take Spring Photos

I love, love, love taking photos of my horse. It gives me something to look at when I'm away from them. If you want to get into the spring spirit, buy some fake flowers and bunny headband. You can use these as props when doing your photo-shoot.

2. Find the Treat Game

This is always a fun game to play with pets. However, make sure you supervise your animal. We don’t want a horse with a plastic egg stuck in their throat.

If you want to play this game with your horse, gather some multi-colored plastic eggs and put a baby carrot in one of them. Then, lay the bounty of eggs before your equine partner. Whatever one they bump with their nose, you open for them. Keep repeating this action until they find the treat.

I bet you will be surprised how many times your horse will pick the right egg on the first try. This game is fun and educates you on how keen your family member’s senses are.

3. Give Them an Easter Basket

I cannot stand aimless shopping. However, I adore shopping for animals. If you are like me, then it might be fun to put together an Easter basket for your four-legged pal. Personally, I go to the dollar store to get a small basket and a pack of plastic eggs. You can fill the eggs with homemade treats, baby carrots, or bits of an apple. If my budget can allow for tack, then you bet my mare is getting a new halter!

4. Search for the Easter Bunny

This Easter activity is fun to do with little ones. If you have wild hares in your area and some bombproof horses, it might be fun to search for the “Easter” bunnies.

5. Egg Hunt

If I owned a boarding barn, I would love to schedule an egg hunt every year. I think it would be so fun to have everyone wondering around on ponies looking for eggs filled with little prizes.

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