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5 Horse Selling Tips
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5 Horse Selling Tips

Your horse is a valuable asset and it should fetch the highest price when you decide to sell it to another party. However, the price you get will depend on how you package it all, just like any other good. For a smooth and gainful transfer, consider these great tips.

1. Ensure it's 'All-Systems-Go'

When you are with your horse, you give it the best care. However, it’s tempting for some to neglect that care whenever a transfer is about to take place. More often than not, that works against them. It’s important to ensure that your horse is at its best before you take it to market. The buyer will be cajoled by what they see.

2. Use Video to Showcase Your Horse

If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a hundred thousand words. As a matter of fact, a skillfully recorded and edited video can be worth even more. Capture the best moments with your horse on video and if you are not a good video editor, outsource the service to someone who knows what they are doing. Share it online to reach a larger audience and garner a better offer.

3. Price Fairly

Ensure the price you set matches the capabilities of your horse. If overvalued, many interested and worthy buyers may pass over your horse. Similarly, do not undervalue your horse.

4. Have Relevant Documentation Ready

In a world where state regulation is getting tighter everyday, organizing all your horse’s documentation will inspire confidence among potential buyers. That confidence may inspire at better offer. If documents are missing, be prepared for a lower offer for your horse.

5. Be Patient with Buyers

Some buyers may have unending questions about you and your horse. You shouldn’t frown at them. Most of them are serious and just don't want to leave anything to chance. Additionally, understand that people can take unnecessarily long time to respond to emails; be patient and understanding with them.


Image source: flickr.com

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