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5 Feed Supplements That Can be Bought at The Grocery Store
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5 Feed Supplements That Can be Bought at The Grocery Store

With new companies like SmartPak coming into the market, equine supplements are more popular now than ever. The problem is knowing which are best for your horse and their extravagant cost. I’ve got a list of supplements that are good for pretty much every horse, are inexpensive, and can be bought right at your local grocery store.

1. Flax Seed (1 – 2oz per day) – Give it a week or two and you should start noticing a shinier coat and healthier skin. It also promotes a healthy heart and circulation, which in turn supports other healthy bodily functions.

2. Vegetable Oil (1/4 cup per day) – This is another coat and skin boosting supplement. It’s also a great base for mixing in other supplements to make sure they coat all of the grain. Just beware if your horse is already overweight or prone to excessive weight gain as oil is essentially fat which greatly adds to their daily calorie intake.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar (1oz per day) – Introduce this supplement slowly as it might take time for them to acclimate to the taste. Not only does it promote a shiny coat, it also aids in digestion which helps prevent colic, helps with stiff and sore joints, and keeps the bugs away!

4. Garlic (1tsp per day) – Do you have a problem with flies, fleas, or ticks? Garlic is your answer as it naturally repels all biting insects. It can also aid in digestion and help get rid of internal parasites.

5. Salt (2 – 3 tsp per day) – Salt is a great all around electrolyte supplement. Not only does it replace the electrolytes sweated out after working, but it encourages your horse to drink more water thus promoting rehydration.

What supplements do you add to your horses feed? Share below!

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