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25 Years of Love, Separated by Death
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25 Years of Love, Separated by Death

There is no denying that the friendship between a human and a horse is one of the most heart-warming and tender loves that anyone can witness. An avid horse lover, Sheila Marsh, bid adieu to her ardent friend and companion of local shows, her 25-year-old mare, named Bronwen.

Considered practically inseparable for more than a quarter of a century, the horse lover ensured that she exchanged a warm and tender goodbye to her friend, which was utterly reciprocated. Sheila Marsh managed to keep up to one of the three dying wishes of the septuagenarian that was expedited immediately by her near and dear ones.

Raising Bronwen

From foal to adulthood, Sheila did not leave any stone unturned to groom, and feed Bronwen. This later extended to teaching him how to jump and perform for local shows. With considerable love, affection by nuzzling, cuddling, she ensured that the mare received all the love and care a mother could give.

One can hardly cease to believe that the mare reciprocated all the love and care in the form of its loving, loyal and trustworthy nature. Her daughter, Tina did not hesitate to expedite her mother’s dying wish to see her beloved horse. This was amongst the two other wishes to see her dog Poddy and her estranged husband.

Brilliant Hospital Staff at Wigan Infirmary

If the reports in the Saturday Daily Mail are to be believed, then the hospital staff at the Wigan Infirmary are one of the heroes that ensured all was in order. Apart from ensuring that Sheila Marsh successfully completed her dying wishes, they welcomed Poddy on to the foot of the bed of the dying lady.

Not to mention, they ensured that Bronwen was adequately transported from Bickershaw, Sheila’s farm to bid a final and heart-warming farewell to its owner. All the hospital staff displayed prowess while wheeling out her bed to meet her beloved pets.

Battling with Uncontrollable Tears

Witnessing this scene was heart wrenching to say the least; all the observers were glued to the scene when a dying woman, battling with cancer, bid adieu to her beloved pets, for the last time. Bronwen expressed her feelings by nuzzling gently with her velvety nose on Sheila’s cheek. This was moments before, Sheila expressed Bronwen’s name before kissing her goodbye.

Breathing Her Last

It was almost poetic, as Sheila breathed her last moments barely hours after the encounter with her pets. Apart from spectators, all around the world, viewers were moved on Twitter and Facebook as the woman satisfied her dying wishes to be with her loved ones. One cannot forget that this moment is very poignant in a world where almost everyone is latching onto irrelevant factors such as the health and safety regulations and other bureaucratic legislations. One can almost suppose that in the presence of true love and care, all legislations and regulations melt away.

In her dying moments, Tina did not hesitate to reassure that Bronwen and Poddy would be well looked after. Not only looking after them as a family, but also ensuring that they were looked after in the similar fashion as her mother did.

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