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2 Things I learned from Cookie today
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2 Things I learned from Cookie today

We started out the afternoon in a walk- trot transition. Up to the trot & back down again, several times in both directions. We also practiced a little extended trot as well, to really stretch out the legs. I was watching her expression & body language when I would jog with her. At first, she didn't like it at all & I suppose she thought I was "after" her like an Alpha horse would be for whatever reason.  Then she realized I was moving with her & not asking any more of her. When my feet slowed, so did she, & when I moved faster, so did she. Believe you me, we BOTH got a good workout today. lol. She is still learning verbal commands, & hasn't quite got them down just yet, but maybe now that I know she'll move when I move & stop when I stop, the verbal command will come easier to her. Especially Whoa! We exercised for about 30-45 minutes & I added in some backing & "move your butt" movements. As always I ended on a good note. 

So as a little treat, I took her to the front yard & let her graze for about 30-45 minutes. While she was grazing, I figured I would pull weeds & put some pine shavings around the blueberry bushes. I got the first one done & started on the second. About 5 minutes later I glance around & Cookie was eating the pine shavings! I asked her what on earth she thought she was doing & ran her off from there. I went back to my chores & when I got to the 3rd blueberry bush, here she comes again to eat more pine shavings. Ugh! I thought, so I run her off again this time further away. On the last blueberry bush, she had snuck back around, grazing her way over to the first blueberry bush. I did my "AAATT" & waited to see if she was just going to smell them this time or take another bite. One more "AAATTT" & she left it alone. I cannot for the life of me figure out why she thinks pine shavings is grain, but I know if I let her alone with it she'll munch down a pile of it for certain & I don't want a colicky horse by no means. 

So from now on, if I take her to the front yard to graze, she'll have to be accompanied all the time. She mowed down one of the rose bushes the last time she was up there, now pine shavings. <Shakes my head> Horses eat the darndest things! 

We're suppose to have more cold, rainy, blah weather the next few days, so I'm not sure how much exercise we'll get in. Hopefully tomorrow will be nice, even if it is cold so we can take a long stroll & enjoy some nature. 

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  1. naturegirl
    LOL! Oh my goodness, this has got to be photographed if you see it again! A horse eating pine.... well, humans eat pine nuts as a delicacy, maybe she found her own... ! I still remember how my cat used to eat incense ashes a while back. I read the ingredients on her concentrated food, and ashes was one of the ingredients, surely as a cheap filler. I don't remember if you feed Cookie concentrate... or else, I have no bloody clue. One of those weird animal quirks, I guess! Please note, I changed my cat's food right away when that happened.
    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      I was so shocked to see her eating those pine shavings like it was grain. lol She's nearly due for another de-worming & I'm going to ask the vet about this odd delicacy. lol She's getting grass hay, alfalfa cubes with milled flax seed. So basically she's getting all hay. One thing about it... she keeps me on my toes! LOL

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