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13 Careers to Consider If a Life of Horses Is for You
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13 Careers to Consider If a Life of Horses Is for You

If you can't bear the thought of not working with horses on a day-to-day basis, here are some careers to consider.


Grooms typically tend to the general maintenance of a horse. This includes cleaning stalls, feeding hay and supplements, washing and refilling waters, brushing and bathing, tending to a horse’s small ailments, and cleaning the barn. It’s the perfect job for anyone who just loves being around horses.

Exercise Rider:

An exercise rider rides horses for someone who cannot ride theirs. Whether you ride for a professional barn with lots of horses, or the neighborhood crazy horse lady. You are making a job out of something you love doing!


A trainer works out behavioral problems in horses or teaches them to do new actions. Only an experienced rider should take on this task as it is easy to instill more problems in a horse. However, trainers are vital as horses would not be domesticated without them!

Barn Manager:

A barn manager manages what goes on at a barn or equestrian center. This is a huge, but rewarding job. The main responsibility is overseeing the general care of the horses, keeping books, and organizes the other workers.

Paid Competitor:

If you are an extraordinary rider you may be payed to compete someone’s horse. Someone may invest in horses to ride in large competition with big stakes, if this is the case they tend to want the best riders so, their horse may rank the highest in competition. The rider typically gets paid well and may receive a cut of the winnings.


Farriers tend to a horses’ feet. This includes trimming, shoeing, and corrective balancing services to lame horses. Farriers have a vital place in the equine world as horses require their feet to be trimmed every six to eight weeks.

Horse Breeder:

Breeders assist in the reproduction of horses. They selectively breed the animals for certain talents, colors, and confirmation. Some may specialize in bettering a breed and others want to breed for better results in racing or competing. They also tend to specialize in services such as selling or studding out stallions or selling broodmares and foals.

Equine Rescue Owners:

Horse rescues take in abandoned/abused horses and attempt to rehabilitate them. After they are healthy, they are adopted out to adequate owners. This is one of my personal favorite career options as there are so many mistreated horses in need of help. Though it is extremely difficult to support yourself running a horse rescue, you are paid well in the heart-warming lessons you learn from the damaged animals.

Colt Starter:

A colt starter specializes in the gentling and breaking of young horses. This job requires lots of time and patience as young horses may be a bit rowdy. A colt starter teaches a horse to wear a halter, bridle, and saddle. A colt is also required to walk, trot, and lope.

Show Braider:

A show braider typically cleans up a horse’s mane and tail for an English show. This takes a steady hand and the knowledge of how to do the specific braids.

Equine Dentist:

An equine dentist tends to horse teeth. Horses always grind their teeth when they eat. This files them into sharp points that harm the animal's delicate mouth. This specialist files or ‘floats’ the teeth so they will not injure the horse. This does require a doctorates degree but, is a very lucrative and interesting career.

Equine Chiropractor:

An equine chiropractor has knowledge of the ailments that afflict the horse’s joints. The chiropractor works the bones back into place and attempts to fix any pain/soreness. This typically requires training and typically must be done under the supervision of a vet.

Equine Massage Therapist:

An equine massage therapist tends to the soreness of muscles. The location of the pain is massaged in the hopes to relieve any pain the horse may have.

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