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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Horse
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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Horse

If you don’t have much experience with horses or are a first-time horse owner, you’d definitely find it exciting when you finally make the decision to buy one of your own. As such, you may get carried away and forget that owning a horse requires a lot more than what meets the eyes. For beginners, finding the perfect horse for you to train or begin riding from the onset, will involve looking past their looks or age and understanding how well that horse can be managed.

Not getting the right horse can ruin your driving experience and make horseback riding an unsafe activity to engage in. To help you avoid some of the mistakes that new horse buyers make, we’ve compiled a list of 10 common mistakes to avoid:

1. Choosing an Untrained Horse

Experienced horsemen and horsewomen know this all too well. Beginner riders will often choose untrained horses because they are mostly less expensive. Don’t choose an untrained horse solely because of the low price, thinking that you can hire a trainer or train it yourself. It could take up to a few months and can get dangerous if you’re not equipped to do it right. A young horse or an inexperienced older horse can be quite unreliable. Trained horses that you can get to riding from the beginning will make for a safer, more enjoyable experience as a first-timer.

2. Not Considering Older Horses

Older horses are much easier for beginners to ride. A horse who has seen the world will be much easier to train and make great beginner horses. Don’t shy away from a teenage horse or one that’s well into their twenties. As long as they stay healthy, many horses ride well into their senior years and this can be achieved with light daily exercise, no matter how little the time you have is.

3. Buying Younger Horses for Children

The fact is that beginner drivers or riders, especially young ones, are not a safe mix with younger horses. A well-trained horse that can handle itself in ways that a young beginner does not know how will be able to keep your kid safe as they learn how to do things themselves.

4. Going with Horses that Are Up for Auction

Pulling a good horse out of an auction is not something that anyone can do. To the untrained eye, a horse can appear docile, healthy, and easy to work with while they are far from that and only made to look that way using drugs.

5. Buying a Horse Impulsively

Don’t ever act on your impulses and buy a horse you haven’t asked questions about or tried out. Take some time to think about it and look at other horses to compare you’ve chosen a great horse that suits your needs.

6. Not Requesting Some Time to Try Out the Horse

With riding lessons, a beginner can pick up some essential skills. Before you buy, ask the seller for a trial period to get used to the horse and to make sure you can handle it.

7. Buying More Horse than You Can Handle

If you’ve only been riding for a short time, then you probably aren’t equipped to handle some types of horses. Be sure to choose a horse that matches your fitness level and skills.

8. Buying a Horse for Breeding

Think again if you simply want to buy a horse so it can breed a foal. These horses usually don’t turn out the way you want and tend to look like experiments. Horses should be well-cared for and loved, but should also possess good qualities they can pass on before breeding.

9. Choosing A Horse for Its Color

It may seem cool to have a special coat pattern horse like an Appaloosa, a Paint, or a Palomino. However, buying horse simply for its color could go very wrong. Remember, you won’t be riding the color, rather the horse so you should focus on its important qualities and training.

10. Overlooking the Expense and Time Needed

Horse ownership could be quite the responsibility. You need to make sure you can care for your horse adequately and have the means to do so when emergencies come up. Even if that means hiring someone for horse care in your absence.


Image credit: Tonyhakim.com.au

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