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#horsesofinstagram: A Look
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#horsesofinstagram: A Look

Horses of Instagram. Or, more notably, #horsesofinstagram. At the time of writing this post, there have been 4,343,403 posts under that tag on the website Instagram.

As you may know, Instagram is a social media platform designed to keep your social circle informed on whatever you choose to post pictures of. Whether it's a cute selfie, a funny dog, some good eats or... your horse! You can find anything under the various tags of #___ofinstagram. But today we're here to talk about the horses.

There are a lot of them.

You should try it sometime. Sign up for Instagram, take a photo of your four-legged best friend, and tag it #horsesofinstagram. See the people roll in to admire your friend.

One such Instagram you may find is @horses_.lovers. This Instagram is dedicated to posting your favourite pictures of horses, so go on and send them a picture! You'll find that they tag their photos extensively, in order to get good coverage. Perhaps an event is coming up and you'd like some extra publicity. Perhaps your daughter just won her first ribbon in dressage. Or perhaps you're admiring a photo of a long since passed horse friend and you'd like to tell their story. 

(Not to mention, Instagram allows you to upload videos. I'm sure you're all proud enough of your beloved horses to show off some videos!)

On my way out of the proverbial electronic internet door, I'll leave you with a few champions of the horse tag. @matt_harnacke is a lovely model who's become an equestrian! His posts are incredible and heartwarming, as I'm sure you'll agree. @aadalatti is a charming young woman from Finland who rides and posts pictures that any horsewoman would be proud of. And finally, for your reading/viewing pleasure, @teamsperber posts about their cute ponies! If you need a good pick-me-up for the day, this is the one I'd suggest.


Photo by joiseyshowaa.

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