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 What Makes This Video Out of This World?
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What Makes This Video Out of This World?

The show took place at London’s Olympia and it was performed by members of the mounted unit of Metropolitan Police and, of course, their beautiful horses. A short video of that show has been posted online for a little over a year and most horse-enthusiasts find this video incredible.

What makes this video out of this world is the understanding between the riders and the horses; eight well-built horses and their handsome riders give a performance of their lifetime. The policemen, mounted on their horses, enter the arena one by one as the crowd cheers them up with whistles and claps along with the background music that is so energetic.

One of the signs around the gallery says “The London International Horse Show” and the mood of the show appears to be very enthusiastic, both for the performers and for the spectators. The horses are well disciplined and trained and their riders are incredibly confident in what they are doing. They perform every single item with great skill while the horses display an array of proportionality throughout the show. There is never a dull moment in this video; it is exciting from the beginning to the end. They often separate themselves in two groups of four each and then merge away as the time comes. All these are done with ease and great expertise.

The jumping over the hurdles is organized in a 3-3-2 pattern where the first three, the second three and the last two horses simultaneously cross the hurdles; after reaching the final point, they horses are driven to two different sides to continue the show. They carry on performing one after another items including jumping into the fire and the breaking of a paper screen. The constant cheering of the crowd and the background music sets the tone of the show. Helping hands on the ground keep rearranging the hurdles, the rings and other stuff for the show to continue as planned.

The most fascinating thing the horseback riders of this show do is the taking off the saddles from the horsebacks while they were riding over jumps. One has to see in order to believe it and this is what makes this video out of this world. Who would even imagine that a rider would unsaddle a horse while he is riding it? Moreover, one needs heck of a talent and skill to perform the act of unsaddling a horse while the horse is on the move and he (the rider) is on top of it. This video of that show is exciting to watch and it is, probably, the first of its kind where the riders unsaddle their horses while on jumps.

At the end of the show all eight participants of the mounted police unit line up on horsebacks in front of the guests in the gallery with the saddles in their hands. This is a very unusual scene and the fans in the gallery wouldn’t just stop cheering their heroes up. There are many videos of horse riding available but none of them is like this one; this video is out of this world.

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