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About the Author

Maria Sorgie

Maria Sorgie

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About Maria Sorgie

Freelance Writer and Owner of The Healthy Horse Company Equine Practitioner Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist Equine Herbalist

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Latest Posts

Nervous Talk

Nervous Talk

“It’s ok,” “easy,” “relax,” “no,” “shhhhh,” “almost there,” “where’s my helmet,” “ is my girth tight,” “it’s windy,” “there are too many horses in the warm-up ring,” “my stomach hurts,” “ oh I don’t think I can do this,” “my horse is up today,” “ my ...

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Jumping through the cross-country course I noticed myself feeling weak and dizzy.  I continued to tell myself all was okay as my horse made her way over the cross-country obstacles.  I was almost at the finish line when everything went black. I star...

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For Sale

For Sale

Selling horses can stir up some controversy between equestrians. There are those that believe a horse should never be sold and those that make their living selling many horses a year. The Pony Bloggers are here “Of Horse” audience, to address this controversial...

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