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Avid equine enthusiast, and owner/operator of WildHorseProducts.com. Helping other horse owners is my passion and why I get up every morning! I am also a Grandma, a Mom and a wife...A.K.A. Busy! =D

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Winter Colic

Winter Colic

My horse Senti (short for Sentimental) came to me a “colicker”. That is to say, she would regularly experience colicking episodes that took me several years to conquer. The first and most immediate issue I had to overcome with Senti was “nutritional...

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The Smile of a Horse

The Smile of a Horse

Does your horse smile? Have you ever thought about a horse smiling? I’ve got to admit I didn’t think about it for a good amount of time that I owned horses. Whoever thinks of a horse smiling anyway? But its true, a horse can have a smile. And sadly, ...

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