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I've been around horses for 30+ years. I'm now transferring my love and knowledge to my children. I ride, drive, and train. Hypoallergenic Curlies are my breed now...

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Color Me Curly

Color Me Curly

I've always been a little artsy. Ever since I could hold a crayon, I've been drawing horses. Now that I have a little girl of my own, I draw horses for her to color. Since we got a Curly, I've created a new series of horses for her called, My Little ...

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Ruined by Kindness

Ruined by Kindness

The Proverb says, "spare the rod, spoil the child." Similarly, hand-raising a horse can have disastrous results on that horse's future if it isn't tempered with disciplined. Discipline doesn't require beatings, but it does require a firm hand and consistent...

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