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Ever had a Whoops moment?
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Ever had a Whoops moment?

This morning after I fed Cookie I was absent mindedly walking around her paddock looking for things that need to be removed. I had found a piece of glass & in my search to make sure there wasn't anymore I backed up a few steps sort of quickly & turned my head in time to see pinned ears & a nose coming my way. Cookie was just about to take a bite out of my backside. So I stepped forward a step & turned sideways, but didn't look directly at her. She relaxed her face a little & gave a head toss. In reflection I realized how careless I was while looking for things that don't belong. While I usually can hear where she is, this time I didn't & was fixin' to have a pain to remember it by. I'm thinking I need to put a bell on her halter or something so I don't get that unexpected surprise. Though I'm pretty sure I'll pay closer attention next time I'm out with her. 

The difference in a calm situation or a hospital visit all depends on how YOU deal with it. Your horse doesn't have the ability to rationalize things out. They are prey animals & will either fight or flight. If you have a feisty horse, chances are they'll fight & that means even with you. Backing up, with your back to them means they're going to get kicked at, their line of defense is to bite that rear end & move it away from them, or turn & kick back. Most trained horses, you can walk directly up to them, some you have to approach at the shoulder & never at any given time should you approach from the rear. Always make your horse move their feet & turn around to face you. They can run faster backwards than you might expect & getting out of the way of a flying hoof can be difficult even for those in the best physical shape. 

Most of the time you probably don't think about having a planned escape route, but it might be a good idea to scan around & see where you can get to should your horse go berserk & start running around. They don't always "see" you standing there & could easily run you over unintentionally, or they might find you face on in fight mode & strike out at you. Always have a plan. Even with the most well trained horses there is always that possibility. 

Keep things safe at all times, not just for you, but for those around you also. Stay upright & keep it on all 4's. 

Disclaimer: Of Horse! and sponsors do not endorse nor validate the accuracy of a blog post. Each article is the opinion of the blogger.

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  1. naturegirl
    Yes, I agree. I might even add that this goes for smaller pets, too. I almost had an eye poked out by my cat, a teeny-tiny little 6-pound girl who thought I was the one who pinched her tail hard and was saved by *my glasses*. She was always incredibly well-behaved, and I never would've thought that she could do that to me. Even out of anger, she ALWAYS gave me a warning before attacking. The roommate who thought this would be a funny joke felt terrible afterwards. Thank God I had my glasses on or I would be a pirate right now! Thank God you thought quickly or you would have nose-dived! Animals are animals and they react the way Mother Nature taught them. We can't do much about this. We still love them, but we've got to watch our backs. Voted! When you have the chance, stop by my new post - Is it Safe to Ride Bare? Vote if you like it!
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    1. Rene Wright
      Rene Wright
      Oh yes! Any type of animal has its limits. Thank the Lord you weren't hurt! We certainly could use eyes in the back of our heads sometimes. lol
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      1. naturegirl
        Yes. Or have a larger angle of vision! Or heads that turn like an owl's!
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        1. Rene Wright
          Rene Wright
          Exactly! lol.
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